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Vins clairs

The blend of light wines, the defining moment

Published on 15 March 2019

Assemblage de vins clairs, moment déterminant de l’identité des champagnes Mater & Filii
La Maison Mater & Filii propose plusieurs cuvées …

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How is produced the
pink champagne?

Published on 14 February 2019

The pink champagne can only result from two authorized methods in champenoise wine making, by the CIVC…

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Glossary of Champagne

Published on 5 December 2018

Discover – or rediscover – the expressions, words and specific terms related to the world of champagne and sparkling wines.

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What is the dosage?

Published on 23 November 2018

Some centilitres lost during the draining are replaced by a mixture of old wine and sugar, called “liqueur d’expédition”: it …

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Seven cépages of the C.O.A. Champagne and …Seven cuvées Mater & Filii

Published on 22 November 2018

Seven cépages of the C.O.A. Champagne
The specifications of the P.O.A. “Champagne” authorize only the use of seven cépages in the soils of Champagne : …

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Do you know where the name “Mater & Filii” comes from?

Published on 1 September 2018

Mater & Filii, it is at first a story of lineage, of transmission, but it is also a beautiful human adventure.
I …

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