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EARL LA COMPAGNIE DES VAILLANTES with a capital of 8 000 €, registered in the RCS de REIMSunder the number 804  402 725 and whose head office is located at 4, Rue du Maréchal Foch 51700 DORMANS (APE 01.21Z – CIVC n° 94105 – EVV n° 5158500171). Contact by mail to contact[at]materetfilii[.]fr

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The website (called “site of champagne Mater &  Filii” or the “site”) is subjected to French law and is accommodated on the servers of the Company OVH, SAS with a capital of 10 069 020 €, registered in the RCS of LILLE MÉTROPOLE under the number 424 761 419 and whose head office is located at 2 street Kellermann – 59100 Roubaix – France.



This site is intended for personal use, in countries and territories where the sale and/or the consumption of alcoholic drinks is not prohibited, for people:

  • who are authorized to consume some alcohol with regard to the legislation of their country of residence and/or any other applicable regulation,
  • who have read, understood and accepted beforehand the terms and the general terms of use of this site.

If the one or all these conditions are not fulfilled, the person connected to the site is invited to disconnect immediately.



The present General Terms of Use of the site champagne Mater & Filii (called “GTUs”) determine and expose the conditions of use, contents and operating procedures of the site Mater & Filii.



The site champagne Mater & Filii allows, in the framework and respectfully to the GTUs, people having the equipment suited to reach the site [called “Internet users”] to inquire and/or to exchange with the House Mater & Filii (called “Publisher”) about champagne generally, about the House Mater & Filii and the champagne Mater and Filii in particular.



 4.1. Evolution of the GTU

The Publisher has the right to modify and to update at any time the GTUs. The evolution, the modifications and updates which will be brought by the Publisher will impose themselves by rights to the Internet user who has to refer regularly to the GTUs to verify that he has good knowledge of the last version.

 4.2. Evolutions of the site

GTUs, contents and operating procedures of the site champagne Mater and Filii are by nature bound to evolve according to technological developments.

The Publisher has the right to modify and to update at any time these GTUs, these contents and/or these operating procedures. The evolution, the modifications and updates which will be brought by the Publisher will impose themselves by rights to the Internet user who has to verify that he has good knowledge of the last version of the site.


 5.1. Material conditions

The Internet user deals personally with the purchase, with the rent, with the installation, with the assurance and with the maintenance of the equipment necessary for the access to the website champagne Mater and Filii by the Internet.

The Internet user has to be sure that his computer is secured with regular updates of the operating system and with the installation and the update of antivirus software and firewall. He/she is responsible for any problem regarding the implementation of the software.

He/she watches particularly the surveillance of his/her equipment and the confidential preservation of his/her password to access the equipment.

The Publisher makes a commitment to do his best to allow the Internet users the acess to the website at any time and cannot be held responsible in case of unavailability of the website, whatever the reason.

5.2. Legal conditions

By reaching the site champagne Mater and Filii and by navigating on this website, the Internet user recognizes having read and accepted the GTUs entirely.

It is reminded that the Publisher proposes this website for the Internet user’s personal use in countries and territories where the sale and/or the consumption of alcoholic drinks is not prohibited, for people authorized to consume alcohol with regard to the legislation of their country of residence and/or any other applicable regulations.

If the Internet user does not fulfill these conditions or if he does not accept the entire GTUs, he/she is invited to leave immediately the website Mater and Filii.




Within the framework of his exchanges with the Internet users, in particular via the form of contact, the Publisher can ask and collect personal data concerning the Internet users if necessary, in order to be able of giving them answers and/or adapted and personalized services.

The expression “personal data” indicate any information allowing to identify a person. It is most of the time the name, the address, the phone number and/or the e-mail address.

The Publisher makes consequently a commitment to respect the private life of the Internet user and to protect the information and the personal data which every Internet user could communicate him. He guarantees the confidentiality of the information collected on the site and guarantees that the addresses and the personal data of the Internet users never appear one the website.

The Publisher also specifies that all the required personal data are compulsory in order to deal with the the Internet users’ requests and can serve to update the data that has already been collected.

These data as well as those collected later will be handled to adapt and customize the answers given, as well as for statistical purposes and commercial actions.

The Internet user accepts that all or part of the personal data concerning him is passed on to the providers and the subcontractors executing for the Publisher certain tasks bound to the purposes described above, to the entities from the same group as the Publisher, as well as to the services, the bodies and/or the authorities in charge of operations of the legal and statutory control.

According to the modified Data Protection Act of January 6th, 1978, the Internet user has the right of access, opposition, rectification or abolition of the personal data which he communicated to the Publisher or the person in charge of the processing.

The Internet user can exercise all or part of these rights by mail sent to:

Jérôme DHUICQ 4, Rue du Maréchal Foch 51700 DORMANS

Or by e-mail sent in contact[at]

If needed, the Publisher will ask the Internet user exercising his rights in compliance with the aforesaid modified law of January 6th, 1978 to prove his identity with an official ID card with his signature and his photography.

The Publisher or the person in charge of the processing, can be questioned by the Internet user for the exercise of all the rights in compliance with the modified law of January 6th, 1978.

For any information about the protection of personal data, the Internet user can also consult the site of the Committee Informatique et Liberté (http: // to

If he has subscribed to information departments by e-mail (“newsletter”), the Internet user can ask not to receive these mails anymore either as indicated above, or by following the instructions appearing at the end of each of these mails, when he receives them.



The Internet user makes a commitment to refrain, regarding the personal data which he could reach, from distorting the use and in a general way any act susceptible to infringe the privacy or the reputation of the people.


The Internet user is informed that during his visits a “cookie” (Small text file stored by the Web browser in the hard disk of the Internet user’s computer can be automatically installed.

The “cookie” does not allow to identify the Internet user. It serves, in a general way, to collect information concerning his navigation on the website.

The “cookie” allows to know what are the parts of the website which interest the most the Internet users, to know better their centers of interest and thus to propose them information and layouts adapted to their expectations.

The cookie also allows to proceed to statistical analyses of attendance, and even to improve the quality of the site.

The Internet user can detect the existence of these “cookies” and, when necessary, delete them.

He also has the possibility to manage the authorization level of the “cookies” on his computer by configuring his browser as explained on the site and regularly updated.



 9.1. Hyperlinks towards other sites

The Publisher proposes on his site of links towards other sites or other Internet sources. These links are established in agreement with the concerned sites and at a moment where the Publisher considered convenient to do so, considering the contents and the services of these sites.

The Publisher is not the publisher of these sites or these external sources and doesn’t have any power of intervention, direction or management on companies, entities and\or people who created these sites or external sources who are responsible for it from any point of view. He consequently cannot be held responsible for the contents of these sites, information, opinions and recommendations formulated or relieved by these sites or possible personal collections and data transmission, installation of cookies or process aiming at the same purposes, made by these sites and\or the use which can be made by the Internet users.

9.2. Hyperlinks towards the site

It is prohibited to set up a hypertext link towards the Publisher’s website ( or one of the websites linked to it, without the written and preliminary authorization of the Publisher.

Any request aiming to this purpose must be sent to the webmaster of the site: contact[at]


10.1. Intellectual property

Unless mentioned otherwise, the whole content of this site as well as any software used inevitably in connection with this one is protected by the literary and artistic property, the convention of Bern and the code of the intellectual property.

The texts, comments, illustrations, photos, graphics computer graphics, logos and marks presented and reproduced on the site belong exclusively to the Publisher and are protected by the capacities of the Code of Intellectual property as well as by the current international texts relative to the protection of the aforesaid intellectual property rights.

Accordingly, any representation or reproduction, complete or partial, otherwise than for the the Internet user’s private use, in sight in particular of a public use is strictly forbidden without the prior and written authorization of the webmaster of the site, the Publisher granting no license and no other right than that to consult the site.

Any representation, modification, publication, transmission, total or partial denaturation of the site or its contents is is forbidden.

Any unauthorized exploitation of the site, its contents, or information which revealed would engage the Internet user’s responsibility and would establish a forgery sanctioned by the article L 335-2 and the following ones of the Code of the Intellectual property.

The Publisher’s brands as well as logos appearing on the site are protected.

Any reproduction or total or partial representation of these brands or these logos, only or incorporated into other elements without the express and preliminary authorization of the Publisher is prohibited and would engage the Internet user’s responsibility as mentioned in the articles L 713-2 and L 713-3 of the Code of the Intellectual property.

Any reproduction of logos and brands attached to the name Mater and Filii establishes a forgery sanctioned by the article L.716-1 and the following ones of the Code of the Intellectual property.

10.2. Right of use

The access to the site confers to the Internet user a personal, private and not exclusive right of user of the site.

Any other use, and in particular any complete or partial reproduction of the site for advertising or promotional purposes, is forbidden and establishes an offence of forgery sanctioned by the articles of the Code of the Intellectual property, if it was not the object of a written and preliminary authorization of the Publisher via the webmaster of the site.

In the hypothesis where an Internet user would like to use one of these elements, he will have to require the prior and written authorization of the Publisher by sending an e-mail to the webmaster at the following address: contact[at]



The information communicated on this site are informational, they are not contractual and would not engage the Publisher’s responsibility. They can be modified or updated without advance notice.

The Publisher does his best to assure the accuracy and the updates of the information on this site without being able to exclude any inaccuracy, error or omission. The Internet users are invited, if they notice inaccuracies, errors or omissions to contact the webmaster so that he can modify them, after validation by the Publisher.


The Publisher disclaims all liability:

  • in case of interruption or in case of inaccessibility of the site,
  • for technical problem which can damage the components of the Internet’s user computer or the stored data, in particular considering the fact that the server hosting the site is not able of certifying the absence of virus,
  • for any technical problem or of navigation met on the site
  • for any inaccuracy, error or omission concerning information available on the site,
  • for any direct and indirect damage, whatever are the causes, the origins, the natures or the consequences and it including in particular the losses of profit, of clientele, data or loss of intangible property which can happen because of the access of whoever to the site or because of the impossibility to reach it or of the credit granted in any information resulting directly or indirectly from the latter,
  • for any damage resulting from a fraudulent intrusion having modified the information put at the disposal on the site,
  • for any technical problem or of navigation met on all other sites or external sources towards which the links are established,
  • for any contents, any advertisements, any products, services or available material on or from sites or external sources,
  • for any damage or loss or in connection with the use or in connection with the fact of having trusted the contents, the properties or the services available on sites or external sources.



To contact us, click here. You can also send an e-mail to the webmaster of the site, to the address contact[at]



GTUs are subjected to French law and the contractual language of GTUs is French.

In case of dispute (s) about the validity, about the interpretation, about the execution, and\or about the GTUs or in connection with them, the Internet user and the Publisher will have to, before any legal action, do their best to find, for a reasonable deadline, a satisfactory amicable solution for both.

If no satisfactory and amicable solution has been found, the dispute can be carried to the Court of PARIS, which is expressly choosen as jurisdiction, in spite of  the multiplicity of of defendants guarantee call, including incidental claims, emergency procedures or provisional proceedings, emergency interim or on-demand proceedings, unless the Publisher prefers to seize any other competent jurisdiction.


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The Interprofessional Committee of Wine of Champagne (CIVC) is also settled in Épernay. Officially created by a law of April 12th, 1941, this interprofession committee between traders and winegrowers exists informally since 1919, when the labor unions of both occupationssectors started to meet each others once a year to discuss the price of the grape and to stabilize the sale prices of the champagne. Its role is particularly to manage the Protected Designation of Origin of the champagne.

The General Labor union of Winegrowers of Champagne ( SGV), settled in Épernay, includes winegrowers since 1904. Official site of the SGV.