The Verdict of Paris

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Mater & Filii

The vintage cutting, an important moment, a permanent learning…

Published on 20 January 2017

The culture of a so strong and so undisciplined plant as the vineyard is a challenge.
In the wild state, the …

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Champagne and Seasons

Published on 23 November 2016

Champagne is definitely a festive beverage that goes well with different moments in life, as well as with the seasons.
Spring, …

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Harvest’s book 2016

Published on 7 September 2016

All steps until the 2016 harvest are updated each month on this harvest’s book. Floor care, control of the vine, …

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Mater & Filii joined the “Scuola di Champagne”

Published on 21 July 2016

La “Scuola di Champagne” est un groupe de plus de 500 amateurs et passionnés de Champagne, qui échangent nouvelles et …

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Concerns bound to the global warming

Published on 5 July 2016

The global reheating of the planet will have undoubtedly and unfortunately consequences on the culture of the vineyard and on …

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Discovery of a champagne of 170 years old

Published on 20 April 2016

Après 170 ans passés au fond de la mer Baltique à 50 mètres de profondeur […] ces vins ont conservé …

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